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  • Netflix’s The movies that made us

    Did you know the inside of the “Home Alone” house was filmed entirely inside a high school? I didn’t until I watched Netflix’s “The Movies That Made Us”. I watched a few episodes tonight and it’s well worth your time.

  • How-to stop your Keurig from splashing

    If you’re not tired of me talking about my K-Cafe then you’re in luck! 😂 Like our old regular Keurig, their latest unit still splashes coffee all over the counter. The solution is simple: depending on the height of the cup you’re using, put a riser between the base and your cup. For me, I use an upside-down ramekin. No more counter mess. Now if I…Read More

  • How-to disable BuddyPress Read More animation

    The mini blog I use is called Buddypress (a free WordPress plugin), with the addition of the Youzify plugin to improve it greatly. There’s a horrible built-in animation effect when you click the “Read More” on an activity post (the text gyrates up and down) and there’s no easy way to disable it. It’s a poorly implemented “feature”.

    I figured out…Read More

  • I’m a Star Wars!

    Covid turned me into a Star Wars fan in 2020 (Mando was my gateway drug) and now my daughter and I collect helmets and lightsabers. Here’s a look at our current crop of helmets. These are all part of the Black Series from Hasbro, licensed by Disney.

  • The Xbox doughnut

    Krispy Kreme has partnered with Microsoft to create the Xbox doughnut, available for a limited time in August, but only in the UK and Ireland for some reason. Why not in Microsoft’s home country… the USA? 🍩🇺🇸

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