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    Why haven’t I been posting on social media lately? Pausing Social Media is an article I posted to my blog to explain. Check it out!

  • If you’re using the “Microsoft To Do” iOS app and you want to add one of its widgets to your home screen, you have to open the app, restart your phone, then re-open the app before attempting to add it. Then it will appear it in your list of available widgets. Finicky, but it works.

  • My daughter sent me this a few days ago. I can’t stop watching Ewan McGregor talking about sea otters in Alaska…

    “We’re looking at sea otters… six of them here… they’re beautiful… pop pop pop… it’s cool isn’t it?” 😂

  • Tomorrow, Jun 15, our fine(?) state of CA lifts the mask mandate for vaxed people after the CDC announced the same last month. Even Disneyland and Disney World are fully opening the parks back up tomorrow. Having recently been to the park 3 weeks ago, the social distancing was a welcome change for one good reason: not having small children…Read More

  • Summer is finally here in San Diego! We’ve had some incredible cool days over the past few months which has been nice. Not a whole lot of rain this past winter, which isn’t good for the drought. I remember a lot of super hot days last summer… too many days over 100°. Hopefully the summer will be a little bit cooler!

  • It dawned on me just now that other people might want to follow suit with my personal Twitter project. It wasn’t the easiest thing to figure out. Most of my Googling came up with dead ends. I finally hit paydirt when I started searching for “Twitter clone” or “WordPress Twitter clone”.

    So here’s all I did to get my personal (private?) Twitter…Read More

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