Click & Drag This Video to Change Camera Angle 360

Posted on January 25, 2011 by Chris Duke

Once the video starts, use your mouse to click and drag ON the video player to move the camera angle real-time!

Fly in a Helicopter over Nimmo Bay Helicopter Fishing & Wilderness Resort and a 150 mile track of the Beautiful British Columbia coastal mainland. Hover over pristine waterfalls, race down rivers and over oceans, explore 10000 year old glaciers, forests, snow capped mountains reaching through clouds and amazing fishing spots secluded and hidden away from the world. Control the view of the camera the whole time. Look Up, Down, and completely behind you by clicking and dragging on the video above once it is playing.

Simply incredible! This is the future of 360 cameras. Wow.

[Nimmo Bay via @PhilipBloom]

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