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    Jun 11, 2021
    Create your own TwitterBookGram

    It dawned on me just now that other people might want to follow suit with my personal Twitter project. It wasn’t the easiest thing to figure out. Most of my Googling came up with dead ends. I finally hit paydirt when I started searching for “Twitter clone” or “WordPress Twitter clone”.

    So here’s all I did to get my personal (private?) Twitter clone installed on my WordPress website, for free. Hopefully it will help you out or at least get you going down the right path to creating your own micro-blog. Install these two free WordPress plugins:

    1. BuddyPress
    2. Youzify

    Actually, you only truly need BuddyPress but it’s not very configurable and looks rather horrible in my opinion. Youzify runs on top of BuddyPress to add more functionality and make it look decent. Both have premium paid options but if you’re just doing this for yourself, well–I’ve proven with this page that it can be done.

    After I installed both, I configured Youzify as much as I could and then I heavily tweaked the CSS because Youzify only goes so far to get you to the colors and styles that you need to match the rest of your website. I also modified some of the php files to do things like add a permalink to each post and to remove some of the excess garbage on the individual post pages you land on when you click those links.

    Unfortunately there’s very little information on customization so you’ll have to dig in and figure things out in order to truly modify it to meet your needs like I have. But that’s only because I have certain requirements and I wanted it to look a specific way. If you’re not so crazy about these things then you’d be fine with installing BuddyPress and be done with it.

    If you’re like me and want to modify it to specific styles and such, there are plenty of cheap developers you can hire to help you out at sites like,,, and dozens more.

    The great thing about doing it this way is you can easily access this page and post new content (or edit previous posts) from a mobile browser. Photos, slideshows, quotes, gifs, videos, audio files, links, etc… it supports it all. And you keep your data… 100% control, ad free.

    Finally, there are a few services out there that give you this type of functionality, but they’re A) pricey and B) hosted on their servers. To me, that defeats the purpose of doing this because you’re spending a lot of money and all your posts still live on someone else’s server. You’re better off just creating a free Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or MySpace account :)