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    Jul 29
    How-to disable BuddyPress Read More animation

    The mini blog I use is called Buddypress (a free WordPress plugin), with the addition of the Youzify plugin to improve it greatly. There’s a horrible built-in animation effect when you click the “Read More” on an activity post (the text gyrates up and down) and there’s no easy way to disable it. It’s a poorly implemented “feature”.

    I figured out how to do it, but it’s not for the faint-hearted as it requires editing the buddypress.min.js file (which will make your face melt off looking at it). I can’t figure out an easy way to disable it without modifying their source code. Make sure you backup the old version as well as your newly edited version in case an update overrides your changes.

    Search for “activity-read-more” and you’ll find a reference to slideUp and slideDown functions which follows it. It looks like this:


    For my quick fix, I just changed both instances of 300 to 0, hit save, cleared my browser cache, and it resolved it immediately.

    You should change it both the buddypress.min.js file as well as the main buddypress.js.

    BTW If you’re using Youzify like me, you’ll find the .js files in /wp-content/plugins/youzify/includes/public/assets/js