Chris Duke is a dynamic professional with a rich background in both the IT and automotive industries, now channeling his diverse expertise into engaging content creation. As the visionary behind his website and YouTube channel, @chris, he specializes in delivering insightful product reviews and innovative DIY projects.

His notable achievements include creating and hosting “Motorz TV,” a half-hour syndicated series on TV and YouTube, drawing from over 36 years of vehicle customization experience and automotive industry insight.

Beyond his automotive accomplishments, Chris’s career has been marked by significant roles such as magazine editor and host and co-writer of “Auto Center” for Mobil 1. However, the recent shift in his professional trajectory has seen him returning to his IT roots, a move that has further fueled his passion for technology and do-it-yourself initiatives.

Today, Chris’s focus is firmly on empowering and inspiring his audience with practical advice and reviews on his website and YouTube channel, where his commitment to sharing his knowledge and skills in technology and product innovation takes center stage as his primary endeavor moving forward.

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