Get my 5% Off MOZA Racing Coupon Code

Ready to jump into sim racing or upgrade your old belt driven kit to the latest direct drive options from MOZA Racing, but want a discount? I have coupon codes available. Read on to learn how to get one.

This is legit, unlike those annoying pop-under coupon code sites or playing Reddit roulette. Spoiler alert: there is absolutely no coupon code that will give you 65% or 50% off like some sites state to get you to click. At best, you will find a 5% code like this (or wait for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal where they offer 15% off).

It works on all of their products including the bundles like the R5, R9, R12, and all their wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals, digital dashes, and accessories.

Disclaimer: the only thing I will ask you to do is to use my affiliate link which gives me 5% of your purchase price (no additional cost to you). So, MOZA gives you 5% off and I get 5% for hooking you up. Sweet deal!

If you want one, contact me and I’ll send you a code. I won’t post them directly to this page because I need to know when they’re used.

UPDATE 6/12: MOZA’s codes haven’t been working lately (their system is broken and shows them as “does not exist”). Until they fix this problem, I don’t have any more available. I’ll keep trying and update this post accordingly.

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