Quick Disneyland trip

We made an unexpected trip up to Disneyland today, mainly because I found someone who wanted my old 300C exhaust and since I couldn’t find anyone to buy it, I found someone who wanted to trade me for it. Plus, our annual Disneyland passes are still good so it doesn’t cost us anything to get into the park.

He lives in L.A. so we met him at Disneyland before we ... (more)


This post is for Hank, my awesome brother-in-law, who was just down here in August on vacation with my sister and their two kids.

Get well soon bro! We love you and are thinking of you…

Padres vs. Diamondbacks

I had the opportunity to go to the Padres game last night with Frozone and his boss, Kevin. The Padres won and best of all we got to watch the game from the very plush McMillin box off the 1st base line. Free food and beer!... (more)