Get a Meta Quest Supernatural 30-Day Guest Pass

Thinking about VR fitness? I personally think that Supernatural is the best workout game available on the Meta Quest — and I’ve tried them all. It’s engaging, fun, constantly updated, has excellent popular music, and I get an amazing workout. I’m offering up my 30-day guest passes so you can try it for a full month for free.

If the ones below are no longer available, be sure to bookmark ... (more)

Apple has a new Journal app and I hate it

With iOS 17.2, Apple added a journaling app called “Journal”. I was so excited about it that I jumped on the first beta that had it. Now it’s released for everyone to use, and I absolutely hate it. Here’s why, and what you should use instead.

Why does it suck so bad? Because it is only available on iOS — the iPhone. It’s not available on iPadOS (getting Weather app ... (more)

I tried OxyCleaning my eye

It wasn’t intentional, but I accidentally put OxyClean in my eye. I’m OK, but it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. This post is to openly state my stupidity, and maybe act as a friendly reminder to the future you.

It started with something simple: using OxyClean to clean the white mesh of a dirty second-hand HomePod mini I acquired last night. I put a little bit in a small cup ... (more)