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Every kid should have an Apple IIc

Now here's blast from the past! I was going through some of my old website files from the early 90's looking for something specific (I can't even recall what it was I was looking for now...) and found some Apple IIc print ads from my old Apple II+ fan site: digg_url = "http://www.christhis.com/archives/124/every-kid-should-have-an-apple-iic"; According to this ...

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Apple iPhone Bugs and Missing Features

After a good week's worth of use, I've decided to keep the iPhone, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fair share of problems or missing features. Most notable is its built in email client which is a terrific start, but falls short when compared to other mobile phone email clients. My guess is that Apple has already heard most of these and my hope is that ...

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Another converted Verizon/Windows Mobile user

Exactly one week ago I took the plunge and snagged an iPhone at my local Starbucks (what, Apple didn't tell you that you could buy one at Apple stores, AT&T stores, and now Starbucks?) After the initial excitement of having the coolest gadget in the world wore off, I began to really use the iPhone for my daily mobile phone tasks... calling other humans, reading ...

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