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Another converted Verizon/Windows Mobile user

Exactly one week ago I took the plunge and snagged an iPhone at my local Starbucks (what, Apple didn't tell you that you could buy one at Apple stores, AT&T stores, and now Starbucks?) After the initial excitement of having the coolest gadget in the world wore off, I began to really use the iPhone for my daily mobile phone tasks... calling other humans, reading ...

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iPhone AT&T/Verizon phone number transfer a success

The other night when I went through the AT&T sign-up process, it took all of about 5 minutes (if that) and I was able to start loading my new iPhone up with all sorts of goodies and play with it the first time. In order to put the iPhone to real world tests I had to use my current VZW phone number, so I opted to transfer my old phone number from my Motorola Q ...

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