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Apple iPhone Bugs and Missing Features

After a good week's worth of use, I've decided to keep the iPhone, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fair share of problems or missing features. Most notable is its built in email client which is a terrific start, but falls short when compared to other mobile phone email clients. My guess is that Apple has already heard most of these and my hope is that ...

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2 billion unread messages on my Apple iPhone

So this is, er, interesting. After deleting a few messages in one of my Inboxes on my iPhone, it reported to me that I had 2 billion unread messages. And they were all unread! Where have I been? I need to get on the ball! Usually the bug I see is "-1 messages total, 1 unread", but this one was definitely a new one. --Chris Apple iPhone Beta Tester :)

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