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Review: Web hosted cron job schedulers

digg_url = "http://christhis.com/archives/147/review-web-hosted-cron-job-schedulers"; I use DreamHost to host my blog and while it's a great and fairly inexpensive service, there are some limitations. One is that you cannot run cron jobs without a shell account, which I do not have. A cron job is a frequently executed task, mainly used for running scripts on a ...

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WordPress mods

I spent the evening "pimping out" my WordPress blog scripts a bit more. I found a cool Flickr badge replacement that is not Flash (shown to the right), added in a plug-in to easily add videos to my blogs, added in my Nike+ run widget, Twitter summary, and perhaps the coolest thing ever: the ability to blog by email/phone with photos. I first tried the Flickr ...

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