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Apple iPad Donkey Kong Desktop Coin-Op

The Apple iPad isn't even out yet and there are some seriously awesome apps being discussed. NetFlix is one I'm really looking forward to. But then a friend told me about this one today... the iCade which has "hundreds" of old arcade games such as Donkey Kong, DigDug, Qbert, and more. Too bad it was just an April Fool's joke. I'm still hoping it becomes a reality one ...

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Play nostalgic Nintendo games… online now!

Remember all those really cool Nintendo classic games like Donkey Kong Jr, Super Mario Bros., and Galaga?  Well I do, and those are three of my favorites. Nintendo8.com now has all of these games online, right now.  They are all Flash based.  Up until now you had to download an emulator to play on your Mac, PC, PDA, phone, or other device.  Finally, someone ...

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Donkey Kong on the iPhone

My favorite all-time game, on the iPhone using the NES emulator. Controls aren't the best but it works! In order to make this happen you need iBrickr (Windows) or Breezy (Mac) and then the NES app. You can also install this "over the air" using the Installer app if you have that installed. If you need games for the Nintendo emulator, just head on over to this ...

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