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How-To Remove AdSense Ads From Your Feedburner RSS Feed

In the previous version of Google's Feedburner and AdSense interface, it allowed you to add your Google AdSense ads to your RSS feed. You used to be able to disable them, however that is no longer possible. You've probably run into this problem if you're reading this post. If you log into your Google AdSense and go to "My ads", then click Feeds > Feed ads you will ...

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Google Public DNS Servers

Did you know that Google has its own public DNS servers? And they're free? And FAST!? Just add these to your computer (and router): More information: Using Google Public DNS

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Syncing Google Calendar with iPhone

When it comes to the Apple iPhone and Windows iTunes, you can synchronize your bookmarks with Internet Explorer or Windows Safari, and contacts from Outlook or Yahoo! but when it comes to synchronizing your calendar you are severely limited, unless all you use is Outlook, because that's all you can directly sync with at the moment. digg_url = "http://christhis....

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