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2 billion unread messages on my Apple iPhone

So this is, er, interesting. After deleting a few messages in one of my Inboxes on my iPhone, it reported to me that I had 2 billion unread messages. And they were all unread! Where have I been? I need to get on the ball! Usually the bug I see is "-1 messages total, 1 unread", but this one was definitely a new one. --Chris Apple iPhone Beta Tester :)

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Apple iPhone irritation #1

I understand Apple being, well, Apple-centric, but to completely ignore .wav email attachments is being a tad bit too narrow-minded, considering the Windows OS market share. My business' voice mail system (onebox.com) sends me an email with a .wav file attachment when a new voice mail message arrives. If I'm on my Windows PC, that's fine, but I'd expect to be able ...

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