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WooTumblog and WordPress Review

I tried adding the WooTumblog plugin to my WordPress installation so I could quickly and easily blog from the $5 Express iPhone App. I had such high hopes that this was an actual solution for those who enjoy Tumblr and want it at their own WordPress blog. However, it was a complete failure for the following reasons: (more…)

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How-to add pagination to WordPress posts

Let's say you have a really long post. I mean a really really long post. And you want to break it up somewhere in the middle. Or into three or four pages. How do you do it with WordPress? It's fairly simple, and uses some built-in WordPress functionality that is hidden. 1. Add the "NextPage Buttons" plugin to get the button into your editor (or something ...

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WordPress mods

I spent the evening "pimping out" my WordPress blog scripts a bit more. I found a cool Flickr badge replacement that is not Flash (shown to the right), added in a plug-in to easily add videos to my blogs, added in my Nike+ run widget, Twitter summary, and perhaps the coolest thing ever: the ability to blog by email/phone with photos. I first tried the Flickr ...

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