YouTube Mobile A Bust! (Getting 3GP/RTSP to work on WM5)

This is so cool… YouTube has found itself released from its Verizon contract and can now open up YouTube videos to the rest of the mobile world. Here’s what their new site at looks like on my Motorola Q:

YouTube Mobile Website

Here’s the problem: the videos are streamed using a rather archaic (these days) video format called 3GP. The 3GP format is still used for a lot of mobile phones due ... (more)

Best Cell Phone Videos

I stumbled upon this site which has a ton of cell phone videos that you should check out. While the domain name is a bit long to type,, it’s definitely worth a look. The videos are all YouTube videos, however they are well organized into categories that make it a lot easier to view on a regular basis. My favorite, of course, is the Motorola Q videos section, ... (more)