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Crafting a professional voiceover extends far beyond merely speaking into a microphone. It involves a nuanced blend of elements: an acoustically optimized sound studio, a high-quality microphone and interface to ensure pristine audio, a suite of advanced editing tools, and, most critically, the distinctive talent of the voice artist.

For over a decade, Chris has been at the forefront of producing top-tier voiceover work, notably for the syndicated television series “Motorz TV” (established in 2008). His expertise isn’t limited to delivering compelling American male voiceovers; he offers comprehensive support encompassing all facets of pre and post-production. Discover more about how Chris can elevate your project with his voiceover and production skills:


From a very young age, technology has not just been a part of Chris’s life—it has been his passion. Beginning with software development in the makeshift studio of his bedroom closet and quickly advancing to a position at Microsoft straight out of high school, Chris’s journey through the tech landscape has been both deep and broad. His tenure at leading software corporations has endowed him with the capability to construct both computers and software from the ground up.

This profound technological foundation translates into an unmatched precision in voiceover work, where his meticulous attention to the nuances of sound recording sets him apart. Through extensive research and rigorous testing of various hardware and software configurations, Chris ensures that the voiceover results delivered exceed expectations.

Chris uses the Sennheiser MKH 416, a microphone celebrated as the gold standard in the voiceover industry and favored by many of its most esteemed professionals.

The RØDECaster Duo audio interface, renowned for its crystal-clear and ultra-low noise output, serves as the critical link between the microphone and the workstation, ensuring impeccable sound quality.

Recordings are made directly into Adobe Audition on a MacBook Pro, leveraging Chris’s efficient workflow for swift project turnaround times. This combination of elite equipment and Chris’s deep technological expertise guarantees a level of voiceover production that is not just heard, but felt.


Innovative Artists (Los Angeles & New York)

Duygu Basara
(London & Instanbul)


Chris is deeply committed to delivering prompt responses and swift project completions, driven by his passion for excellence in his work. Contact him today to bring your vision to life!

Location: San Diego, California, USA
Instagram: @chrisdukevo
YouTube: Chris Duke Voice Overs


“Chris was super fast, professional and such a pleasure to work with!”​
– DreamHost Video Content Manager

“Chris is indeed one of the best talents in Voices. Truth to be told, he is the most requested voice talent by our clients and I think that speaks a lot about the quality of work he could provide.”
– C&CM – Talent Atlanta, Georgia, US