Tim Allen is back as Santa Nov 16

If you’re a fan of Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause” movies like my family and I are, you’ll be looking forward to the upcoming “The Santa Clauses” coming November 16th on Disney+. For the record, of the first 3 movies, the first one (1994) is the absolute best. We watch it every year. The 2nd (2002) is decent and the 3rd one (2006) is skippable. Hopefully this 6-episode mini-series will ... (more)

Santa’s had enough…

Hopper as Santa. It’s time for some seasons beatings! 🎅🎄

The most impressive drone video EVER

Seriously, you should watch this even if you have zero interest in Wrigley Field and baseball. It’s mind-blowing… 🤯

Woke up at 5am to order an iPhone 14 Pro Max

For the past few years, Apple has been making its west coast customers wake up at 5am to pre-order their latest iPhone. I learned my lesson a few years back not to wait until I wake up later because then you can’t get the phone you want on launch day. Then you’re stuck monitoring inventory at your local stores, rushing down to a store in hopes to get the size ... (more)

My Sept 7 Apple Event Summary & Review

My quick takes on the Sept 7 “Far Out” Apple Event:

Apple Watch Series 8 (40 mins): No visual design changes and no reason to upgrade from S7. S8 improves by adding crash detection and a temperature sensor. It’s clear they spent little time on improving S8 and much more time on the new $799 titanium Ultra edition which is rugged and definitely not for most people. I also love ... (more)

My zen pool garden

I took over pool service after 22 years of having someone else do it. After investing the time in figuring out the pool chemistry it’s actually really easy and I enjoy the breaks from work to rake the pool and test the water. It’s very zen at times. Plus it’s nice to get outside!

The Terminal List: Watch it!

Finished watching The Terminal List tonight. It’s excellent and I highly recommend it! Plus it’s got Starlord and Riggins from Friday Night Lights 🏈

Saw Jurassic World: Dominion

It did not need to be made. I’m glad it was the last Jurassic movie… it’s overrun its course. I only saw it so I could have seen them all. Skip it if you can! 🦖👎

Back on social?

Oh really? (referring to my previous post) — Yeah, I gave it another shot and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. After posting a long-winded update video (now archived), I stuck to just posting stories. They’re still there if you want to see the big pool renovation and some how-to videos in my stories, like how to swap out a hose bib and work on sprinkler heads. While I got ... (more)

Tried a rock speaker

This is my review of the Uuffoo outdoor rock Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. I got it during Prime Day for $64. Here’s the thing… it was on sale, only 1 left in stock, and no reviews. I figured what the hell… I could always return it right?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

My daughter has been working on this film the past few years… here’s the first teaser for it!!

Jetson One all-electric ultralight

Fast-charger adds 300 miles of range in under 5 minutes

Wow… this is incredible and equates to about how long it takes to fill up a tank of gas. Read about it here.

Billionaire space dudes

Tesla Model 3 Performance Test Drive

I just test drove a Tesla M3P for the first time and um… I’ll let my reaction speak for itself 🚀

San Diego Lightning Storm

Had the craziest out-of-the-blue lightning show tonight here in San Diego. No rain but a lot of lightning and thunder! I captured this with my iPhone 12 Pro Max @ 4K 60 FPS and then slowed down and zoomed in on my phone.

I gotta fever…

Ended up getting a mild 100F fever yesterday, so spent most of the day in bed resting, napping, and watching Han get blown up. No fever today and getting back to normal!


🤧 finally caught a cold after a couple years(?). My daughter was sick last week with a head cold (tested neg for the ‘19) and now I’ve got it. Make the sneezing stop!


I mentioned calling this Instaduke.com in my “Pausing Social Media” blog article. Last week I registered that domain and it redirects to my activity page. I updated most of my social media bio links to point there as well. So I guess it’s official. As you can probably already see, there’s no one consistent topic… I’ll be posting about whatever I feel like at the moment, which is fun. My ... (more)

EV Acronyms

A lot of new acronyms surrounding electric vehicles have seen the light over recent years. Here’s your cheat-sheet breakdown for ICEV, EV, BEV, HEV, PHEV, EREV:

ICEV – Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (gas or diesel)

EV – The general classification for any type of electric vehicle

BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle

HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle (no plug)

PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicle ... (more)