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  • 2021 Apple iPhone Event ?

    I’ve never been more underwhelmed by an Apple iPhone / Watch event. I guess we’ll have to wait for 2022 to see something revolutionary. This was definitely a “12s” year.

  • Never forget! 🏙🇺🇸

  • It’s like thunder… and lightning…

    Had the craziest out-of-the-blue lightning show tonight here in San Diego. No rain but a lot of lightning and thunder! I captured this with my iPhone 12 Pro Max @ 4K 60 FPS and then slowed down and zoomed in on my phone. #shotoniphone

  • Windows365 won't run Windows 11 (right now)

    Microsoft announced Windows365 cloud PCs earlier this month (run Windows 10 in any modern browser… yay!) The dev/beta builds of Windows 11 have been out for a while as well. While Microsoft touts Windows 11 cloud PCs for it’s new cloud platform, they aren’t available at this time. Windows 11 launches October 5, which may beg the question… with…Read More

  • Ended up getting a mild 100F fever yesterday, so spent most of the day in bed resting, napping, and watching Han get blown up. No fever today and getting back to normal!

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