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  • How-to recycle your K-Cup pods

    I’ve been going through more coffee pods lately and it’s been bothering me how much waste there is. I searched and found this recycling tool at Amazon ( and got it today. It works perfectly! You get 2 in one pack for $12 and it quickly slices the tops right off. Later this year or early 2022 San Diego will be getting…Read More

  • Cappuccinos & lattes made easy

    I recently purchased this Keurig K-Cafe thing and I freakin’ love it. So easy to use the frother and clean up, and the water reservoir on the left side keeps a good amount of water for future brews.

  • Rant: 7 to 10 days to unsubscribe?

    I got some spam from “Coach Outlet”. I figured I’d take a chance and unsubscribe (common sense usually tells me to just ignore). I always find it funny when I get this in response: “You’ve just been removed from our mailing list. Please note that it may take 7 to 10 days to process your request.” 😂 “Just been removed” and then 7-10 days… ummm…Read More

  • CSI Vegas: This October

    I have NO idea how I missed the news that “CSI Vegas” is happening. This is the 2nd teaser for it. It premiers Oct 6, 2021. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Grissom and Co. back!

  • Ghost town shopping mall

    During a quick visit to a Westfield mall (North County Faire in Escondido, CA) I noticed sections of it are a ghost town (see lower level) as a result of the pandemic. Will be interesting to see if malls bounce back… or are buyers now used to shopping online?

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