Amazon Kindle: amazing tech, but kinda ugly

Now this is innovation… Amazon has just done for books what Apple has done with the iPhone: innovate to a whole new level. This is the iPod for readers. You can download books, newspapers, blogs, and even your own content to a hand-held device that has an innovate new newspaper ink-like display, plenty of battery life to keep you going for a few days, is lighter than most paperback books, and check this out: it comes with free EVDO wireless (not WiFi). There’s no subscription, no wireless plans, no contracts, nothin’. Just turn it on, and you’re on a fast high-speed data network (Apple, are you listening?) You want your paper pushed to you electronically every day before you even wake up? This will do it.

Now that is amazing!

With all of these breakthroughs, you’d think they would have made this new hand-held device a little bit sexier, though?  Plus, what’s up with the stark white color? It’s bound to be the recipient to quite a few coffee stains and oh, does that fancy new electronic ink rub off?  Newsprint finger prints will be everywhere (har har).

Currently $400 direct through Amazon, with free 2-day shipping. Out of stock, obviously, with the holidays and all — good luck getting your hands on one. There’s always eBay, for $600-$1,000.

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