Branding updates for my YouTube channel: Build. Fix. Innovate.

Since I’ve shifted from automotive to tool reviews, then to reviews of products that aren’t tools, and more… it got me thinking that my old YouTube channel branding needed some tweaking.

BTW, I swear more videos for my YouTube channel, @chris, are on the way. I swear! I’m actually editing a video and it’s gonna be a good one!

My previous channel tagline, “DIY & Product Reviews”, no longer applies. I don’t always want to be posting product review or Do-It-Yourself videos. It needs to be more flexible and general in its description, yet encompass the full spectrum of my channel’s past and future offerings. From basic DIY help to advanced problem-solving techniques and creative solutions.

Introducing the new tagline, which sums up my channel’s mission statement in 3 simple words:

Build. Fix. Innovate.

🔧 🧰 💡

Let’s break that down a little bit…

  • Build: This refers to my DIY tutorials, where I teach viewers how to build or assemble projects.
  • Fix: This highlights my ability to troubleshoot and repair tech, home or automotive-related issues, providing solutions for common problems my audience might encounter.
  • Innovate: This aspect encourages viewers to think outside the box and find creative solutions to their challenges. It suggests that my channel is not just about following instructions, but also about adapting and improvising.

It’s perfect! But how do product reviews fit into this? I’m glad you asked!

My product reviews fit nicely into the new “Build. Fix. Innovate.” tagline by focusing on products that help my viewers with building, fixing, or innovating. For example, when reviewing a tool, I can emphasize how it can improve a DIY project. When reviewing a tech gadget, I can highlight how it can help fix common issues or streamline workflows. Or, when reviewing an app or software, I can demonstrate how it can help viewers innovate and be more creative. My reviews will remain relevant to my channel’s mission while still offering variety and value to my audience.

Why the huge gaps in uploads? Read my previous blog post here: State of YouTube, Motorz TV, and Tool Talk in 2024

Now I just need to get to that next Final Cut export and upload…

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