Canon Camera Lens Coffee Mug or Thermos

The photo to the right shows a special-edition Canon lens thermos that was made available to members of the press not too long ago.

Another coffee mug idea was created not too long ago, as well:

So I have to ask… why don’t these things exist for us mortals to purchase? I checked eBay, Amazon, and Google, and nothing comes up even resembling them. I can see them a bitch to keep clean (hand washing only is fine), but other than that they’d sell like hot-cakes! Hurry up someone! If you make it they will buy!

Update: I asked… and someone finally delivered! The Canon telephoto lens is now available for sale at Vistek! Canon Thermal Travel Mug EF 70-200 f/4.0 L IS USM Lens. The only problem is that it ships from Canada so while the product costs $29.99, shipping is $41.98. Sorry, I can’t justify a $72 coffee mug.

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