Creators ditching Instagram?

I posted this as a comment to a YouTube video, but thought I’d share my thoughts here too. This is in response to Chris Hau’s YouTube video titled “Creators are ditching INSTAGRAM…why YOU should be worried”. I predicted this would happen to the IG platform back in 2012 when FB bought IG, and further confirmed in 2018 when IG founders Systrom and Krieger left the company. It’s the same reason why a decade ago my organic posts on Facebook did incredibly well and then they didn’t because they turned to a pay-to-pay platform. Engagement got so embarrassing unless I paid, so I stopped posting. It all stems from this: it’s all about shareholders and the bottom line for Zux & Co. Spending money on creators takes away money from shareholders. If they really cared about creators they would have started supporting them years ago. Greed is not good. It’s still all just talk and probably too late because long form belongs to YouTube and short form belongs to TikTok.

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