Horizontal case for Treo Reviewed

Alright, the case I got from Verizon for $20 is going back. The huge plastic clip on the back keeps getting in the way and jabbing into my side when clipped onto my belt. Since I got my Treo a few weeks ago I’ve been researching cases to see what else was out there. Thankfully, since the 700w has the same form factor as the 600 & 650, there are plenty of options. One I found is another belt-clip option, but the plastic clip is replaced by a “built-in” leather clip and does not poke out and get in the way (this case is shown here to the left). The best photos I’ve found of it are here. I was a bit skeptical when I read all of the glowing reviews for this case (holster) at a few sites like TreoCentral.com. The case sells there for $19.95 but they are out of stock, so I turned to eBay and found it for about half that price (total was $16.90 with shipping). I ordered it on the 26th and it arrived today — 4 days isn’t bad. It’s exactly the same one that they sell at TreoCentral. The leather is soft and the two magnets that hold the cover down are extremely strong. I can comfortably sit while wearing it, and when walking around it doesn’t feel like I have a huge PDA hanging off my side like the previous case did. There are several other similar cases out there and I haven’t tested any of them… but if they have a built-in (non-removable) belt clip, it should be similar to this one. Note, there is no extra space inside this case… the 700w fits inside snugly, so if your goal was to put your Treo inside another protective case (like a clear case) and then inside this case, you won’t be able to pull that off. There are also no official places to hide your credit cards or a few business cards, however there is enough space to slide a few cards behind your Treo once it’s inside. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, however, as once you remove your Treo, you risk having your cards pop out and losing them forever. The case flips open easily, and the Treo is easy to grab by the antennae and remove. Tucking it away is just as quick and easy. I highly recommend this product. Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites or companies listed in this article.

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