How Max Mayfield is floating in Plainville

The Internet is losing their Stranger Things shit because of this Halloween display in Plainfield, Illinois. Dave & Aubrey Appel created a floating Max Mayfield in their front yard, paying homage to the 4th season of the Netflix hit. But nobody will say how it’s done. They aren’t saying… yet. So if you’re dying to know how I think they did it, read on.

Watch the video again and you’ll notice a light pole in front of their home. There’s nothing above of below to keep Noodle Max levitating. So how else do you think they did it? Well, just grab some pool noodles and dress them up like Max… then while you’re shopping for supplies to put her together, grab some 75-80lb fishing line or some other invisible hanging wire, some zip ties for the light pole, and maybe an eye hook to secure the line to your house (the screw-in types will work too). Once the Appel’s come out and say what specifically they used I’ll update this post.

They said somewhere in a video that they’ll take her down if wind speeds exceed 10 MPH, which makes sense. You don’t want the line to snap for her to float away!

That’s it! Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🦇

Here are some product ideas to make Max look less like a noodle. Honestly, it’s just the jacket and hair though. You can probably scoop up some used Vans (they don’t have to be the same red high-tops) and jeans from Goodwill. If you’re interested in more ideas, check these out too:

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