I (cough) Christmas

Well, it’s here again… in full swing.

I get it every year, somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually closer to Christmas. This year no exception. It’s like clockwork, too… major head cold. First few days starts out with the scratchy throat, then it moves to severe congestion for a day, then straight to a massive sore throat for 3-4 days, combined with the *awesome* congestion. I’m currently going through a box of tissues per hour (or so it seems). It’s just lovely to be around me.

Thankfully last year I stumbled upon a new discovery, the Robitussin cough gels. My annual coughing head cold is so bad that before this discovery no over the counter drug would help. I tried the sprays, cough drops, liquids, and nothing worked. I even had a cough medicine prescribed to me by a doc that had codeine in it. That didn’t really work either. My last barely-working remedy before the gels was a shot or two of Jack Daniels before bed (sleeping is the worst time of course). Not a bad remedy, either, as it put me out quick too. But now the gels are all I need… so if you have a nasty cough, pick some up. You’ll thank me later!

Merry Christmacough!

Update 12/31/08 – The cough is nearly gone, but with this cold the CoughGels didn’t seem to stop my cold as well as they did last time.

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