It’s been a while… vehicle change!

Hi 👋 It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. I did post a few AI generated images I created for fun but that’s about it so far this year. Just been incredibly busy with work!

This past weekend I purchased a 2023 Ford Maverick hybrid, so my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance is now up for sale. The Tesla is awesome, and I still love it, however it’s not been the most practical vehicle for me and my family. I guess I’m forever a truck guy. The Mav is my 4th Ford truck. I took a break many years back between trucks with a 300C HEMI but then went right back into a truck. So history keeps repeating itself: truck > truck > fast car > truck > fast car > truck.

So don’t be too surprised if you start seeing some truck posts now while I do a few minor modifications. The Mav is a Lariat and already has quite a bit of upgrades that I would have done myself. I’m going to keep it to a dull roar with the aftermarket upgrades as opposed to my former Motorz self! Which is great, because I don’t have the time these days anyway!

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