How to Make a Desktop Shortcut in Mac OS X

Posted on January 14, 2008 by Chris Duke

Since I switched over from Windows to Mac OS X, one of the more puzzling things was how to add desktop shortcuts.  This was real easy in Windows’ Internet Explorer.  Just right-click your desktop and select “Create Shortcut”.  On a Mac (FireFox, Chrome or Safari) this is not an option.

I finally found the answer, and like most things on the Mac, it’s easier than the PC.

If you want to make a desktop shortcut of the current web page, drag the icon that appears to the left of the URL in the address bar.  Just drag it to your desktop and it will create a .webloc file.  Click that shortcut to open it up in your default browser! To rename it, click it, then wait a second, click it again and you can change it to whatever you want!

Works great in both FireFox, Chrome and Safari!

Just click and drag this icon to your desktop!