Man Cave Mood Lighting

In this episode of Tool Talk I show you how to install LED mood lighting in your man cave, shop, or studio.⁣


This DIY episode goes into detail of how easy it is to install an inexpensive LED light strip onto the back of a tool chest to add some mood lighting that’s also functional!

The process is the same for any application, however… even the belt of small block Chevy engine (wait til the end of the episode to see that!)

This episode isn’t sponsored by anyone, however it is appreciated if you use the affiliate links below to purchase a few of the items I mention in the video. Thank you for watching!

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16.4’ RGB LED Strip Light
9.9’ RGB LED Strip Light
3.3’ RGB LED Strip Light 

3M Tape 1/2” x 15’
3M Tape 1/2 x 20 yds 

Gaffer Tape 1” x 8 yds
Gaffer Tape 2” x 30 yds 

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