PicLens: The most awesome FireFox add-on EVER

If you have FireFox, oh boy do I have an add-on for you. Thanks to Tek for this tip… it’s such a great find I had to break my blogging drought and say something about it. It’s called PicLens and what it does it turns your desktop into a full 3D browser for the images on the page or in the gallery you are viewing, such as Flickr, Google images, Smugmug, Picasa, Facebook, MySpace, and many others.

It’s hard to explain exactly what it does–you just have to believe me that it is the most incredible photo viewing interface ever. If you don’t have FireFox, you need to go get it just to try this thing out. Just install the add-on, then go to Google Images and search for photos, or go to a Flickr gallery. Once you see the thumbnail images, mouseover one and you’ll see a play button appear. Click it and you will be immediately immersed in an incredible photo viewing environment.

Go get it: PicLens

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