Project Bank Shot for SEMA 2007

I just realized that I never showed my first major vehicle graphics project… probably because it took so long to do, and then I just got busy with a Ford trip to Michigan and the fires here in San Diego. Plus, I was scrambling last minute to get the plotter and the software to work so I could cut all of the vinyl for this monster truck.

Well, here it is, in all its glory. Took about 3 full days (over the period of a week) to apply the graphics. Thanks to Frozone and Brian for their help (and beer!) It goes to Las Vegas this weekend (Saturday, I believe) for the week-long SEMA Show event. The owner of the truck (a Ford Super Duty F-250 diesel) is Brian Olhausen, and he named it “Project Bank Shot” since his family is in the billiards business. On a related note, his house in Poway was spared from the fires, but the homes right next to him were destroyed.

I took these photos last Saturday. My goal was to grab some sunset shots near the coast, however the marine layer moved in too fast and spoiled that for us. The fires started the next day, ruining any possibility of getting more photos. I’ll take some more in Vegas or after we get back from the SEMA Show.

Hand-drawn sketch and measurements:

Computer mock-up:

Finished work:

There are a bunch more photos at Truckblog, and that gallery will be updated along the way.

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