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Craftsman Jig Saws

In this episode of Tool Talk I compare the 5A corded and V20 cordless jig saws from Craftsman.

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Craftsman V20 Chainsaw Lopper

In this episode of Tool Talk I review the cordless V20 Chainsaw Lopper from CRAFTSMAN.

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Craftsman V20 Air Inflator

In this episode of Tool Talk, I take a look at the CRAFTSMAN V20 Multi-Purpose Air Inflator.

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Craftsman V20 Small Area Light

In this first episode of Tool Talk, I take a look at the new V20 cordless small area LED light from CRAFTSMAN (item number CMCL030B).

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Tips For Extending Your Vehicle’s Battery Life

When the things we take completely for granted fail, it can catch us by surprise in the worst way possible. One of those items is your vehicle’s battery. If it fails, no matter how much gas is in your tank, you likely are not going to make it very far. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to make sure it keeps the power flowing. From basic ...

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