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I am iChris

I am officially out of control with iDevices. Currently in use: iPad, iPhone, iPod, and several Apple TVs, not to mention a Mac Pro. Not in service are a few older iPods, left for dead. Are you as iObsessed as I am?

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Backing up your stuff to external drives

Backups are one thing most people neglect, until it's too late.  I admit, I've been subject to drive failures in the past where I've lost important data that I could never get back.  I even had two separate computers lose a drive on the same day.  If only I was smarter about my backups. These days hard drives are cheap, fast, and most feature FireWire 400, ...

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iPhone’s iPod cover flow missing art (and how to fix it)

Earlier I said that I would start blogging about problems (and solutions) I found with the iPhone, or really cool things I found. My first blog is about a problem and a solution. One of the absolute coolest things about the iPhone that it has "the best iPod ever" integrated right into it. Man, Jobs wasn't kidding! It's incredible. The cover flow feature is ...

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