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How to Make a Desktop Shortcut in Mac OS X

Since I switched over from Windows to Mac OS X, one of the more puzzling things was how to add desktop shortcuts.  This was real easy in Windows' Internet Explorer.  Just right-click your desktop and select "Create Shortcut".  On a Mac (FireFox, Chrome or Safari) this is not an option. I finally found the answer, and like most things on the Mac, it's easier ...

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Webcams that work with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

Apple puts their tiny "iSight" webcam into the monitor of every computer they make, except for those of us who have purchased a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro and have opted for a non-Apple monitor solution. Personally, I'm rocking a 27" DELL Widescreen that does not have a built in camera. It has everything, but that! After much research and futzing around with the latest ...

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Mac OS X Leopard delayed for good reason?

I got this (finally) late this evening from Apple: To Our Valued Apple Customer: Dear Apple Customer, Thank you for your recent order with Apple. Due to local emergency conditions in your delivery area, our carriers are unable to deliver to the address listed on your order. As a result, your Apple shipment is currently being held at your local FedEx ...

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