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Our SEMA project vehicle, revisited

Frozone was looking through a recent SEMA newsletter and stumbled upon a photo we hadn't seen of our Truckblog project vehicle, "Bank Shot". The one we spent so much time doing the vehicle graphics work for. It was taken by the SEMA staff photographer... and a great one at that! Click the photo to see the larger version.

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Championship Off Road Racing (CORR)

I love having this new blog... I can post about anything now which is great! Since I didn't have this set up a few months ago, I thought I'd post it now before I forgot again. I love trucks and off-roading. While I don't currently have a truck, my last two vehicles were Ford trucks. I had a 2000 F-150 SuperCab and then a 2001 F-250 Super Duty CrewCab V10! I ...

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