Championship Off Road Racing (CORR)

I love having this new blog… I can post about anything now which is great! Since I didn’t have this set up a few months ago, I thought I’d post it now before I forgot again.

I love trucks and off-roading. While I don’t currently have a truck, my last two vehicles were Ford trucks. I had a 2000 F-150 SuperCab and then a 2001 F-250 Super Duty CrewCab V10! I got rid of my last truck due to the high cost of gas and it carried some baggage (long story) that I wanted to unload. I now drive a 2006 Chrysler 300C (yes, it gotta HEMI) but I really want to build up a truck again.

CORRTo satisfy my truck obsession, as part of my side business, X7 Media, we cover the CORR events when they are in town (Chula Vista International Raceway). CORR stands for Championship Off Road Racing, which is basically an off-road race event on a closed course. You know those crazy off-road machines they race down in Baja that have over 900 HP? Yeah, it’s those puppies… and they haul ass around a closed course, bash into each other and get airborne with crazy jumps. It’s so much fun to watch. Having media credentials, I get to go down to the track and be in the middle of it. By that I mean I get to be on the track itself… standing within feet of these machines. Don’t worry, Mom, it’s safe… they have specific (safe) zones for press.

Last year (2006) we (Frozone and I) covered two events. There are two this year, and the last event was June 9. Frozone did the video while I covered the still photography side of things. This is by far the best video he has cranked out for us. I did the titling and animation while he did everything else…


Another event is coming up at the end of this month and we can’t wait to do it all again!

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