Twitter Does NOT Retire Usernames

Angry Twitter BirdGrabbing yourself the ultimate Twitter username is the most infuriating process ever, which makes sense with over 695 Million registered Twitter accounts. But what if you find a username that you want, and it’s clearly not being used? Well, you contact Twitter through their Help Center and ask them about it, only to receive a canned response. It’s also posted here. The response looks like this:

We’re currently unable to accommodate individual requests for inactive or suspended usernames. We may release all inactive and/or suspended usernames in the future, but have not yet set a date for doing so. Follow @Support to be updated when inactive usernames become available.

I was even told at one point (a few years ago) that they release inactive usernames once every year. I can’t recall how many years it’s been since I first inquired, but it’s been at least 3 years. But they don’t. They simply don’t ever release them. Here are a few examples of usernames I would like to have, in order of importance:

@duke – Tweets: 1. Last post: 2010 (3 years ago)

@chrisduke – Tweets: 1. Last post: 2008 (5 years ago) – Now suspended!

@cd – Tweets: 12. (4 following, 0 followers)

But instead I had to pick something less desirable: @chrisduketv.

Hopefully they do actually release inactive usernames in the future, but it’s clear that after all these years, they won’t.

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