Verizon Doubles EVDO Speeds… But Not For Phones?

Well how about this… Verizon announced today that it has doubled the speed of their EVDO network. Prior to this announcement speeds ranged from 400 kbps to 700 kbps. Effective June 29, 2007 speeds are to increase from 600 kbps to 1.4 megabits per second with faster uploads speeds ranging 500-800 kbps.

I put it to test on my Motorola Q today, July 1st, 2007 — one day after the announcement. Using DSL Report’s mobile speed test, I achieved the following download transfer rates (multiple tests shown):

1MB Tests: 653 kbps, 652 kbps, 499 kbps

600K Tests: 584 kbps, 543 kbps, 333 kbps

Needless to say, their announcement does not match real world tests. I did note that the press release stated “Devices that take advantage of the faster speeds provided by the EV-DO Rev. A network enhancements include the USB720 wireless modem, V740 ExpressCard, AirCard 595 and PC5750 PC Cards”.

So, other EVDO devices (phones, not modems) do not take advantage of this speed doubling?

The press release was published the same day as the release of the Apple iPhone to rain on AT&T’s launch, but from what I can tell it was futile.

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