Verizon Wireless reps are fraudulent liars

Posted on December 12, 2007 by Chris Duke

This past July when I purchased my iPhone I had the choice of canceling my Verizon Wireless contract which expired this month, or continue it. After reviewing the cost differences, it was about the same cost to keep the plan active until December 2007 instead of paying the cancellation fee.

In order to do this, however, I had to merge my phone in with my wife’s phone and convert both plans to a family plan.

I called Verizon Wireless and told them to change both phones to a single family plan. I made it brutally clear that I did not want either phone’s contract expiration dates to change. After all, my goal was to cancel my old Verizon line this month. I don’t need two phones. If either contract were to be altered, then I did not want to move forward.

The contracts for both my wife’s phone and my phone were due to expire this month.

My plan was to cancel my old Verizon phone when it expired this month, and then transfer my wife’s phone over to AT&T so I wasn’t making two payments to two different carries, and she could reap the benefits of being on the same system as me.

Last weekend I called Verizon Wireless to find out what days the contracts were to end, so I could move ahead with my plan. Much to my surprise, I was told both contracts don’t expire until July 2008! Both contracts were extended by one year! WTF?

I explained to the customer service rep on the phone, who was very helpful, that there was a mistake. I never agreed (verbally or in writing) to this contract extension change. Why would I? The goal was to keep my old Verizon phone active as a backup phone until the contract ended, then I would cancel it without any fees. She looked at my account, apologized for the mis-understanding, and then said she would go ahead and set the cancellation date for both contracts to today, December 12th, even though both contracts were originally to expire later this month. Awesome, right?

I thought everything was going fine until today when I called Verizon Wireless to confirm the contract end dates were, in fact, changed to today. The rep said that they had not been changed, but a supervisor was reviewing the request from the rep I spoke with this past weekend, and it should be done today. I requested that a rep call me when the change was made. She said no problem!

I got a call today at 3PM from Verizon. The rep instructed me that the contract was extended by one year because of the family plan change I had made, and that I had agreed to this change. Excuse me? I whaaat? I explained the situation again to this person, and she flat out refused to change it (again, this is after another rep this past weekend said no problem!) I asked to speak with her supervisor.

I then spoke with a “supervisor” named Sheree at x7414. Again, I explained my problem to her. I got nowhere. She kept on saying that I agreed to the contract change which was necessary due to the plan change I had made. She also kept on stating that Verizon sent a contract change agreement to me in the mail and I had 30 days to contest it. I never received this contract change agreement, otherwise I would have canceled it immediately.

The conversation escalated, my voice got louder, a few expletives escaped, and I demanded to speak with her manager. She refused. Sheree said I had to write a letter. Why? So they could ignore and refuse me by mail? No thanks. I asked for her last name and extension. She refused. I said, “so you have my first and last name, my phone numbers, my address, and probably my credit card information, but you won’t give me your last name or extension?” She finally coughed up her extension (7414) but that was it.