1 Unread.. Always?

I have been suffering with my home screen telling me that I’ve had unread messages in two pop accounts as well as Outlook. I tried everything to resolve it, short of microwaving my phone. 1 message was invisible in one of my POP accounts, and in another it was visible (spam) but I couldn’t delete it, move it, forward it, or even open it. I was able to solve the message count sync issues with my two POP accounts by removing the accounts, then re-creating them. However with Pocket Outlook, it wasn’t so easy!

The solution is this handy little Freeware application called FixUnreadCount v1.0 (beware of pop-up hell at that site). Just copy the .exe to your memory card (I just copied it to my memory card’s root folder), then run it from your File Explorer. It will display a bunch of useless information on your screen, then complete. Next thing you know, all is well with the world once again. Try it out!

BTW, I have used this utility on both my Palm Treo 700w and my Motorola Q. It solves the problem every time!

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