Crazy Shoppers

As many of you know, I am a bit of an entrepreneur. I usually start a new project at least once a month based on an idea I have. Some work, and some don’t. In this case, it’s a new website I started to sell clothing. I set up the site, figured out what I needed to do, and then other more important things came up so I’ve just left it on the back burner. The problem here is that I left it online, and I shouldn’t have. But why would anyone actually buy from a site that is, well, unfinished?

Today I get a notice from PayPal that someone bought something from that site… $30 in fact. Of course I had to give them a refund because the site was just a test, but it begs the question–would you buy anything from a website that has “Your Logo Here” at the top of every page? I guess someone did… LOL

I guess this experiment proves one thing, if anything… that I should find some time to finish working on that site because clearly someone found it through Google and really wanted to buy a product I listed there!

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