iPhone Fridge App Magnets (Updated!)

You would be flat out lying to me if you were an iPhone addict and didn’t want these magnets for your fridge or office.

While you’re waiting for the iPad to come out next month, or the multi-tasking iPhone 4.0 OS to come out this summer, why not drop a Jackson and pimp out your fridge? I think a few of these will find their way onto a toolbox or the fridge on the set of Motorz.

Plus, it’s nice to always be reminded that it’s 75F out on May 8th at 10:10 and you’re located near New Jersey Route 495, or maybe New York State Route 495?

$18 with shipping. Giggity.

Available at Jailbreak Toys via Appmodo.

3/19/2010 Update

I received the iPhone fridge app magnets today, 8 days later, and they’re awesome! Great quality, and just as pictured. I was also impressed by the packaging… it looked like a giant iPhone!

Here are a few of my own photos:

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