Final Cut Pro X: Background task annoyances

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Chris Duke

Final Cut Pro X finally has 64-bit background rendering. It’s fantastic, but it does have some issues which are painfully annoying. While active, here are a few things you can’t do. Hopefully Apple will fix this in a future release.

  1. You cannot delete an event when background tasks are running (even if tasks are paused).
  2. You cannot rename a folder in the Event or Project Library  when background tasks are running (even if tasks are paused) so if you create a new folder it uses “New Folder” and you cannot rename it until all background tasks are complete. This disrupts workflow.
  3. You cannot stop background tasks, only pause them.
  4. You cannot Quit the Final Cut Pro X program if any background tasks are in queue (paused or running). They must all be 100% complete before you can quit the software.

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