How did I not know there was a Ferris Bueller TV Show?

Seriously, how did I not know of the Ferris Bueller TV show? Today I learned there was a short-lived Ferris Bueller series back in 1990-1991. Even though it only lasted 13 episodes, it had some big stars in the making, like Jennifer Aniston and Richard Riehle from Office Space. You can watch the pilot episode, below.

They got some actor named Charlie Schlatter to play Ferris. Sorry dude, you’re no Matthew Broderick! I’m sure Schlatter did his best, but it wasn’t the same without Broderick as the legendary slacker Ferris.

Playing Ferris’ sister Jeannie was Jennifer Aniston herself. It’s fun to see pre-Friends Aniston as a straight-laced girl before she was Rachel.

For Principal Rooney, they got Richard Riehle, who comedy fans probably know from Bridesmaids, played Office Space’s Tom Smykowski, and many others. He was perfect as the grumpy authority figure chasing Ferris.

The show basically took the movie’s formula and tried to drag it out week to week. Ferris hatching crazy schemes, pranking teachers, and ditching class. But it got ridiculous quick, with Ferris pulling off these massively complex tricks every episode.

It also took place in Santa Monica as opposed Chicago, adding a further disconnect to the original 1986 film.

It started off popular because of the movie, but then people got bored fast. You can’t keep that magic going episode after episode. So after 13 episodes, the show got the axe.

The show’s like a weird time capsule – Charlie Schlatter as a knock-off Ferris, baby Jen Aniston, and lots of ridiculous 90s fashion and music. For pop culture nuts (and Ferris super-fans like myself), it’s a funny little footnote in history – a show that disappeared quick.

The Ferris Bueller show might have totally flopped, but it looks like fun for people who dig that 90s stuff. We got young Aniston, Tom from Office Space as Rooney, and all the crazy fashion/music. Even though it tanked fast, it’s a strange blast from the past for people like me who geek out over old shows!

If you’re looking for more on this short lived television series, look no further than Wikipedia, which also has a synopsis of each episode.

Watch the Ferris Bueller TV Show Pilot S01E01 episode

I found the pilot on YouTube but it won’t allow embedding on my post. You can click here to watch it directly on YouTube. If that link doesn’t work you can try this other one or just search for it.

I could not find a streaming service that has all 13 episodes, but if you did please comment down below. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts about this 90’s sitcom fail.


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