WD-40 in Tide pen form. Who knew?

I just found out that there’s WD-40 in pen form. After living with (and probably misusing at times) WD-40 for all my life, I had no idea such a thing existed. Madness! Where was this thing when I needed a little bit of WD-40 but only had the spray can which sprayed it all over the damn place, including my fingers?

Created to deliver WD-40 with “pinpoint precision”, it’s great for when you’ve got some rusty bolts or something’s stuck.

Side note: while WD-40 will temporarily lubricate to fix the squeaks in door hinges and such, I recommend using a better lubricant in those situations. In my findings, WD-40 will definitely stop squeaks and lubricate parts but over time it will end up attracting dirt and making things worse. With that said, WD-40 definitely has its place.  WD-40 even published a list of 2,000 uses for its product. Insane!

WD-40 in pen form is great to have kicking around in your toolbox or kitchen junk drawer when just a little bit is needed quickly. Here’s part of their marketing fluff:

The WD40 Precision Pen can be used to apply lubrication to small mechanical components, such as hinges, gears, pulleys, and bearings. It allows for precise and controlled application of the Original WD40 Formula ensuring that the right amount reaches the intended areas without creating a mess.

This video (below) was posted a day ago to the WD-40 YouTube channel and added to Amazon about a month ago, so I guess this is brand new and why I’ve never heard of it!

I just ordered a 3 pack and so should you: Amazon. (Update 8/5/23, it took about 8 days to arrive; updated lead photo)

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