How-To Weatherproof Wireless Sensors

Not all smart home sensors are made to be water-resistant for outdoor use. Sometimes weather-proof versions don’t exist at all, or if they do they are a lot more expensive.

Here are my suggestions (that I’ve personally tried) on how to waterproof your non-waterproof sensors.

A quick caveat: I live in SoCal where there tends to be a lot more sun than rain. If you live in a colder, wetter climate, take extra precautions on how you waterproof your sensors, and where you place them.

My Recommendations


1. Clear Silicone. Cover seams and holes. Works amazing! (~$10).

2. Food vacuum sealer. Get a cheap one (mine was under $30).

3. Clear Plasti Dip. Spray multiple coats. I’ve used this for door sensors outside (~$15).

4. Nano Tape. I use this for a ton of reasons and always have a roll around. It’s cheap and comes in various lengths and widths (under $10).

5. Stretch Silicone Tape. Not the best option but good for oddly shaped items (~$7).

6. Plastic containers. Any ol’ plastic container — just be sure to seal the lid shut with clear silicone (#1 on my list).

Avoid These

1. Ziploc Bags – The plastic is too thin (even if you double them up) and over time will let in moisture.

2. Putting it under something without weatherproofing it and hoping for the best. Water will find its way in.

Now What?

If you’ve read my article and got to this point, you must be interested in this topic! This type of article takes a lot of time to write, edit, and maintain over time so it’s accurate and up-to-date. I don’t ask for money or even your email address. But, if you found it helpful all I ask is that you use the Amazon affiliate links to purchase the items mentioned in this article so I get a little kickback from Bezos. It doesn’t cost you anything other than to click and buy. Thank you in advance for supporting my site and encouraging me to write more articles :)

Also, if you know of any methods I’ve missed please comment down below!

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