Motorz S06E08 “Jeep Wrangler Bumpers”

In this episode, I show you how to install new bumpers and a winch on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler, then my new co-host Alan test drives the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Motorz S06E05 “The Towing Episode”

In this episode, I show you everything you ever wanted to know about towing. Be sure to watch Partz at 14:12, Letterz at 18:29, and the out-takes at 22:52!

Motorz S06E04 “Mustang Muscle”

Now that the Mustang has been restyled (see previous episode), our 2010 Ford Mustang GT gets the muscle it needs with a supercharger, exhaust, big brake kit, and an air lift suspension system!

My New Apps for iOS, Android & Kindle Fire

Motorz TV Show AppThe Motorz apps have all been updated and are completely new from the previous versions! These look better, are faster and easier for us to make changes.

Please grab one and if you could do me a favor and rate it 5 stars in its respective app store (and maybe leave a nice review, too?) all of us at Motorz would love it!

Download now for…

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Motorz S06E03 “Mustang Restyling”

Me and my crew restyle a 2010 Ford Mustang GT by giving it a vehicle wrap and aftermarket appearance products.

Motorz S06E02 “Work Truck Makeover”

In Motorz S06E02, I take a well used Chevy 1500 work truck and give it a complete makeover.

Motorz S06 Motion Graphics (Swipes, Bumper)

The new season of Motorz features all new motion graphics. While I didn’t have time to create the motion graphics, I did add in 100% of the audio sound effects. Watch this video to see the before (no audio) and after!

Motorz Season 6 Premiere

Wow! We just launched our SIXTH season and 75th episode of Motorz! Here’s the premiere episode S06E01 called “The Diesel Episode”, or “Everything you ever wanted to know about diesel engines”.

For the full story, links, etc. go to the Motorz website.

I’m in the Sears Tools Catalog Again!

As part of my partnership with Sears Holdings, and because I’m a spokesperson for Craftsman tools at Sears, I’m going to be featured once again in the upcoming Sears tools catalog that comes out next month. Looks like a total of 6 pages, too! Here’s a preview!


Motorz TV: 3 New Episodes!

My apologies! I clearly suck at updating my own blog. Been so busy lately. Here are the last three episodes of Motorz, in reverse order. The season finale (S05E12, episode #74) is the first one listed. We start filming S06 soon!

How-To Upgrade a Ford Mustang Engine

... (more)

Project Mamba Introduction

The latest episode of Motorz is now out!

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Katzkin Leather Installation

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Vehicle Wrap Episode

My new episode is now online! Learn how to wrap a vehicle! You can watch it in its entirety below, but be sure to check out the show notes page for more info!

[Motorz TV]

Motorz TV: How-To Machine a Chevy 350 V8 Small Block Engine

This is the latest episode of Motorz TV (our 64th!) and in this episode we walk through the entire process of machining a block (our Chevy 350 small block V8), from start to finish. There are also some fun segments in this episode (Partz and Letterz). Be sure to watch all the way to the end to catch the bloopers, too!

My Interview for EventDV Magazine

An article was published today online and in print by Kyle Oliver in one of my favorite magazines, EventDV. It is an extremely comprehensive look at the past and present Motorz TV and how I brought it to life. It includes a detailed list of equipment and software used to produce the show, and a whole lot more. Please check it out online, or in print!

[Motorz TV]... (more)

Motorz TV: Chevy Small Block Teardown

Motorz Season 5 has just begun and the first episode went online today at Noon! Check it out and learn how to tear down a Chevy 350 V8 small block engine in order to get it ready for machining, then rebuild!

And for those playing along with my blog here, note that this was edited completely using Final Cut Pro X (version 10.0.0).

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Motorz TV 5th Season Premieres This Fall

New season of the hit car show “Motorz” premieres on national television later this month.

San Diego, CA, September 2, 2011 – Back on the air again for its fifth season, Motorz TV (, presented by the Sears Blue Tool Crew and AMP Research, is rolling up its sleeves and breaking out the Craftsman® tools, wheeling out the floor jacks, and airing more episodes for the gearhead in ... (more)

How-To Change The Fluids In Your Vehicle

Chris Duke from Motorz TV shows you how change all the fluids in your vehicle including motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and more.

[Motorz TV]

Motorz TV: S04E11 Nitrous Oxide

Here’s the latest episode of Motorz TV where I show you how to install a nitrous oxide kit on a Ford Mustang.

[Motorz TV]

VO: Motorz TV Promo Video

This is a short 3-1/2 minute promo video I put together just prior to the 2010 SEMA Show. The goal was to show what Motorz TV was all about in just a few minutes.

I really shouldn’t have used my own voice for this job as it’s weird (to me, anyway) hearing my own voice over for a show that I am also hosting. But, I didn’t have time to ... (more)