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Amazon Alexa Echo Auto Reviewed

I finally got my hands on Amazon's Echo Auto. This is my review and list of available 3rd party Alexa-enabled products for your vehicle.

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The New Red iPhone 7: Get This Case Instead

Tomorrow morning at exactly 8:01am PDT Apple will begin selling a new phone in a special edition (PRODUCT) RED color. But what if you just bought an iPhone 7 six months or less since it came out? What do you do? Get a red case, silly.

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Amazon Kindle: amazing tech, but kinda ugly

Now this is innovation... Amazon has just done for books what Apple has done with the iPhone: innovate to a whole new level. This is the iPod for readers. You can download books, newspapers, blogs, and even your own content to a hand-held device that has an innovate new newspaper ink-like display, plenty of battery life to keep you going for a few days, is lighter ...

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