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The 8-Foot Ceiling Mounted DIY Camera Slider

We shoot Motorz with a limited crew, and sometimes I'm even flying solo. Filming a 22-minute (half hour format) television series on a budget has its challenges, but they are so much fun to work around it's part of the game. Take for example my recent challenge. I wanted to be able to ceiling-mount one of our three Canon 60D DSLRs so I could position a camera ...

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No More Joy at the Joyland Amusement Park

http://vimeo.com/22050735 Mike Petty shot this video of an old abandoned theme park in Wichita Kansas. I found it beautiful to watch, even though I've never been to this theme park, or even the city of Wichita. It's really well done. Please give it a watch--it's kind of sad, actually! His words: The bankrupt & abandoned Joyland Amusement park in Wichita, ...

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Awesome timelapse photography

http://vimeo.com/18554749 Josh Owens uses a Canon 5Dm2 and a 6-foot slider to pull it off. He's got more. Be sure to watch them full screen in HD.

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Canon Camera Lens Coffee Mug or Thermos

The photo to the right shows a special-edition Canon lens thermos that was made available to members of the press not too long ago. Another coffee mug idea was created not too long ago, as well: So I have to ask... why don't these things exist for us mortals to purchase? I checked eBay, Amazon, and Google, and nothing comes up even resembling them. I can ...

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Friday Night Falcon Lights

Here's a short film I recently created after obtaining the Canon XH A1S. To view full screen in HD, go to http://www.vimeo.com/7031155 Be sure to watch full screen and turn up your volume. The music is low at the beginning. http://www.vimeo.com/7031155 This is my first short film created in honor of one of my favorite TV show dramas, "Friday Night ...

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